Friday Flash Rector’s Letter


We welcome everyone to God’s tableWe stand with those in need and the marginalizedWe make children central to our lifeWe celebrate God with joyful worship

Dear All,
This summer we will be making some changes in the liturgy, as we did last summer. These are not ‘change for the sake of change.’ With translation changes, the hope is to stretch and enhance our understanding of God and bring new awareness to our reading of the scriptures. New and different images of God help us to realize how much more God is than we can ever possibly understand. Inclusive language helps to recognize both the women and the men at work in the readings.
We will be using the Enriching Our Worship liturgies until Labor Day and the scripture readings will come from the Common English Bible translation. As we have been doing all year the psalms will come from the St Helena Psalter translation and Prayers of the People from Intercessions for a Christian People.
We will gather around the central altar for the second half of the service.This action brings together the Body of Christ in celebration. We see dear faces and new ones as we sing and pray during the Eucharistic Feast. The sound of all of our voices together is full and rich. It is inevitable that attendance goes down in the summer but with this gathering at the altar, we can feel connected and whole in our worship.
With all of your helpful comments last summer, a few members of the Vestry and the Altar Guild have come up with a solution to the choreography issues last year. You will be asked to come up to the altar area as soon as the offertory plate has passed your pew. The first pews on both sides of the church are for those who need to sit or who want to kneel for the liturgy of the Eucharist. There are also the regular kneelers on the sides for those who stand during the liturgy but who wish to kneel to receive communion.
These summer experiments are just that — for the summer. After Labor Day we will go back to the original altar, back to the scripture translations and liturgy that we use the rest of the year, and take time to reflect on our summer worship experience. We will also evaluate the new children’s space to see if we want to keep it for the rest of the year.
Come with open hearts to worship together this summer and enter into this time together with joy and thanksgiving.
The Readings This Week
Trinity Sunday
Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31
Psalm 8
Romans 5:1-5
John 16:12-15
Holy Eucharist
Sundays 8 am & 10 am
(Wednesdays, 5:30 PM
will resume in the fall)
Attendance Last Sunday
June Offerings
Budget: $16,531


Please submit your requests for the June’s list to:
Pray for those in need: Anne, Barb, Barry G., Chris S., Chonghan Wang, Dean, Emily, Eric, the Fokum family, Jerry, John H., Jim W., LeAnn, Linda L., Mary Yost, Michael, Michelle H. and family, Paul Larson, Reed, Ron, Susan, Nina, Zaya & Yara; the homebound: Ruth, Ted, and Jim; those in long term care: Libby, Liz, Rita, and Sally; for all police, fire-fighters and other first responders; those in the military: Kyle M., Drew M., Ron Stowe.
Pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael our Presiding Bishop, and Audrey our Bishop; Sarah our rector, John and Jim our associate clergy; for the clergy and people of our diocese.
Pray for the Anglican Communion, especially the Church of Nigeria, in our Diocese and Convocation, St. Paul’s, Bloomsburg.
Pray for this week’s Outreach Ministries:
St. Anne’s after school program
Shepherd of the Streets
Haven Ministry
Happy Birthday to
Sally Coup
Sam Craig
Leigh Donecker
Happy Anniversary
Ted & Maggie Chappen
Chris Magee & Amy Wolaver
Diocese of Central PA Appalachian Camino
June 23 – 28
You may participate in the Camino
either for the full length of the trail or a day hike.
To register or
For questions, e-mail
Amy Swiernik,
Click here for

This Sunday

TRINITY SUNDAY– this is the Sunday we wrestle with the concept of the Holy Trinity whilst trying to avoid any heresies!
The Wired Word discussion group will meet at 9am in the library corner of the Canterbury Room.
Our special offering on Sunday is for capital improvements. This fund helps to pay for those unusual and unexpected repairs that are not budgeted. Be sure to mark your giving “capital,” or use the Capital Improvement offering envelope in your pledge envelope box.

This Week

Midweek Holy Eucharist has ended for the summer and will resume in the fall.
Susquehanna Convocation meeting at Christ Memorial Church, Danville on Tuesday, June 18th at 6:00 PM.
All Spring Convocation meetings are for diocesan clergy, lay delegates and alternates to Convention, Parish Wardens, Treasurers, Volunteers and anyone who wants to be involved in diocesan work. All are welcome!
SPIRITED DISCUSSIONS is a summer group that will begin on Wednesday, June 19 at 6pm at the Bull Run Tavern. We can focus on a particular book, have free-range discussions about religion or spirituality or passages from scripture – your call! After the discussion we can mosey on over to the Music in the Park concert at 7:30pm. Those who are interested in getting together weekly during the summer for dinner and/or a drink and good conversation click here to sign up and propose a topic or focus.
OUTREACH LUNCH BUNCH will be packing on Friday, June 21st, Noon to 3pm: St Andrews is one of a group of Lewisburg churches providing lunches for local children in need during the school vacation. Food bags are applied for and distributed through the Supplemental Food Bank (located at the Baptist church) and each church is responsible for one or more distribution sessions in a six-week period.
If you are interested in joining the St. Andrew’s packing group please contact Richard Waller at


Bishop’s Visit on October 13 at the 8am and 10am services – Confirmation, Reception into the Episcopal Church, Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows
Those attending St Andrew’s Church have an opportunity for Confirmation (12 years old and older who have been baptized), Reception into the Episcopal Church (those who were confirmed in another denomination), or Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows (those who want to mark a time of deepening faith). The requirements are simple – you must be ‘duly prepared.’
All are invited to consider whether one of these rites of the Church are appropriate for you at this time. Mother Sarah will schedule four classes in September for preparation for Bishop Audrey’s visit in October. These classes are also open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church as well as our Baptismal Vows. If you are interested in any of the above, please click here to let Mother Sarah know. Dates and times will be set after consultation with those who commit to attending the classes.


The SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR CAMPAIGN IS UNDERWAY.  The undergarments and socks are provided for the underprivileged children in Union County.  We would love to have you participate.
All you need to do is to place a monetary/check gift in the offering and label it “socks and underwear.” We have extended the campaign through the end of June. Thank you in advance for your generous gifts!

Susquehanna Convocation Visits

The clergy of the Convocation have decided that we want our congregations to get to know each other better through summer visits as we work together for a healthy and active Convocation.
St. Andrew’s will host the folks from the other churches
on June 30.
We need two volunteers to sign up to visit each of the other churches.
The schedule is:
All Saints, Selinsgrove 10am June 23 (filled)
Resurrection Mission, Mt Carmel 10am July 7 (filled)
St Matthew’s, Sunbury 9:30am July 14 (filled)
St Mark’s, Northumberland 9am July 21 (1 more)
Christ Church, Milton 10:45am July 28 (filled)
Christ Memorial, Danville 10:30am August 4 (filled)
St Paul’s, Bloomburg 10:30am August 11 (2 needed)
Christ Church, Berwick 9:30am August 18 (2 needed)
Please click here to sign up for a church and a date!


From Youth Group Leader Mindy Moore
Hello United Parents!
With the goal to have the Best Summer Ever! we would love the youth to invite their friends to come hangout with us as well. Friends are always welcome!
We would also like to say Welcome! to all the new 6th graders and their parents! We are excited to have y’all be apart of United Youth!
June 17th at RB Winter Park from 11am-4pm we would love to have youth and their friends come out for Marshmallow Olympics, eating contests, games and beach time. The more youth and friends that come the more fun it will be. We are celebrating the end of school. All youth and their friends should bring a packed lunch, water, sunscreen and a towel. I will have a cooler with extra water bottles.
If anyone is interested in carpooling on the 17th please let me know. I can fit 4 youth in my car and Pastor Daniel said he was available to drive as well.
Since United Youth has won the Marti Cox award they want to do a small video about us that will be shown at annual conference next year. So on June 17th a “film crew” will come out to RB Winter to take some video of us having an epic time.
We have a date and time for the bowling party. June 28th at 5:30pm. Pizza, desserts and drinks will be provided. I will make sure we have gluten free pizza and desserts and pizza with out cheese. Lewisburg Lanes Address: 127 Buffalo Rd, Lewisburg, PA 17837.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you, Mindy Moore, 630-687-0943.
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church  |  255 S. Derr Dr., Lewisburg, PA 17837