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Learn more about St Andrew’s Church.

St Andrew’s Episcopal Church is an open and welcoming congregation found along the bustling Route 15 in Lewisburg, right next to Bucknell University’s playing fields.

We love our community and strive to serve it through our many outreach ministries.


What sets St Andrew’s Apart?

There are many wonderful churches in our area, all having something worthwhile to offer. As a congregation, we believe there are three characteristics that set St Andrew’s apart -

  • We're receptive!

The friendliness and genuine warmth extended to all newcomers is intrinsic with our values as followers of Christ. After visiting our church, most visitors mention the genuine acceptance afforded to them from our congregation.

  • We are doers!

God has blessed us all in many ways. We believe that using our gifts to help our community is not only self-gratifying but is our call as Christians in the world. From our work to address food insecurity, to our effort to supply refugees in Greece with needed essentials,  helping others in our community and around the world is a benchmark of St Andrew’s. If you are inclined to volunteer for any of our worthwhile endeavors, we welcome your support with open arms.

  • We are a congregation of friends and believers!

As you join our congregation, you will find that the spirit of one for all and all for one is the signature cornerstone of our church family. We are all friends as well as a congregation of believers.  

  • We are Multi-generational

Our faith family ranges in age from babies all the way up to the 90’s.  And with a variety of programs, groups, outreach efforts, and projects there is truly a place for everyone here at St Andrew’s.  Your place among us is ready and waiting! ​